Incisal wear and Orthodontics

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Edition V19N06 | Year 2020 | Editorial Estética em Ortodontia | Pages 24 to 40

Mayra SEIXAS e Carlos Alexandre CÂMARA

INTRODUCTION: The increase in the number of adult patients has brought some important challenges for orthodontists. Periodontal and dental changes as missing teeth, bone loss, loss of papillae, disharmony in gingival contour and incisal wear are very frequent. The latter can have significant esthetic and functional consequences, requiring careful diagnosis and, in most cases, transdisciplinary approaches. OBJEC- TIVES: To analyze the types and characteristics of incisal wear, its histological, esthetic and functional implications, as well as the malocclusions with which it is most often associated; and to know how to diagnose and use graphic tools for restorative planning, besides the important aspects related to the stability and longevity of incisal restorations.

Esthetics. Incisal wear. Transdisciplinary planning.

Seixas M, Câmara CA. Incisal wear and Orthodontics. Clin Orthod. 2020 Dez-2021 Jan;19(6):24-40.

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