MARPE guide: from consolidation to technique evolution

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Edition V19N05 | Year 2020 | Editorial Orthodontic Resources | Pages 48 to 56


Introduction: Digital orthodontics has brought many benefits and some new challenges. One example is the MARPE guide, which has several positive points already established and some others that need to be evolved. Objective: The purpose of this paper is to present the evolution of MARPE Guide and the precautions to obtain maximum precision in the procedures involving this technique. Description: To produce a MARPE Guide, it is necessary to superimpose the tomography file and the intraoral scan file, to allow the virtual installation (of the mini-implants and the lathe of the MARPE). From this digital installation, a guide is created, which involves the base of the MARPE complex and thus reproduces the installation made digitally. Therefore, this guide is printed to make the confection of the device possible. The new MARPE Guide was designed with the aim of also reproducing the distance of 0.5 mm from the mucosa (recommended in the technique), according to the anatomy of each patient. This detachment is possible when the EX model is used. It is possible to standardize the position of the base of the MARPE on each side (feet), being indicated for complex cases such as sinuous suture, septum deviation and asymmetric palate. Results: The new MARPE Guide is attached to the model, excluding one impression step and reducing the chances of error. Moreover, it allows the individualization of the bases of the expander body, giving security and greater predictability to the cases. Conclusion: The new Guide design is less expensive, makes it simplest for the technician to execute, and provides fewer chances of errors in the transposition from digital to the real.

Palatal expansion technique. Cone-Beam Com- puted Tomography. Orthodontic anchorage procedures.

André CB. MARPE guide: from consolidation to technique evolution. Clin Orthod. 2020 Oct-Nov;19(5):48-56.

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