Why should first molar tubes be convertible?

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Edition V19N05 | Year 2020 | Editorial Ortodontia Objetiva | Pages 20 to 24


INTRODUCTION: When assembling the orthodontic appliance, there is a great variability of accessories, and each professional chooses the tubes and brackets that best serve him or her, as well as the type of bonding that is done. However, although there are countless ways to achieve optimal results, one of the things that can get in the way, especially in the final stages of treatment, are the molar tubes. OBJECTIVE: In this paper, the differences between simple and convertible tubes are demonstrated, as well as their indications. CONCLUSION: It is clear that the possibility of working with a convertible tube on the first molars favors the professional, allowing the implementation of individualized mechanics mainly in the final stages of treatment.

Orthodontic appliance, assembly. Convertible tubes. Simple tubes. Orthodontic accessories. Finishing bending.

Janson M. Why should first molar tubes be convertible? Clin Orthod. 2020 Oct-Nov;19(5):20-4.

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