Knowledge and conduct of ortho- dontists on dentoalveolar trauma and orthodontic movement in traumatized teeth

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Edition V19N04 | Year 2020 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 122 to 131

Márcia Pereira PARREÃO, Paulo Diego SOUZA, Jurandir Antonio BARBOSA, Roberta Tarkany BASTING

Introduction: The main causes of dental resorptions are related to dentoalveolar trauma and to the orthodontic treatment. Objective: To evaluate education-related aspects, knowledge and behavior of dentists registered with the Regional Council of Dentistry of Maranhão state (CRO-MA) on dentoalveolar trauma and orthodontic movement on traumatized teeth. Methods: Observational study with application of a questionnaire, submitted through a form on Google Forms and sent to the 173 orthodontists from CRO-MA. The questionnaire included diagnosis, conduct and concern for the trauma history, investigating academic profile and teaching on orthodontic movement in face of this situation. Data were analyzed by frequency distribution tables (absolute and relative) and Fisher Exact test, with significance level of 5%. Results: The response rate was 27.74%. Only 25.0% (n = 12) received specific professional teaching on orthodontic movement on traumatized teeth, and 77.1% (n = 37) attended some other course in orthodontics after specialization. Having attended other courses not necessarily assured that the professional had received education on trauma (p = 0.2475). Having received specific education was no guarantee that the professional question trauma history. It was found that having greater or smaller level of academic training did not influence the diagnosis (p = 0.8583) and conduction (p = 0.2578) of cases. Conclusion: It was concluded that the professionals demonstrated knowledge to diagnose dentoalveolar trauma but were not able to adequately conduct orthodontic treatment when facing dentoalveolar trauma cases, independent of the academic training.

Orthodontics. Dental occlusion, traumatic. Orthodontic appliances.

Parreão MP, Souza PD, Barbosa JA, Basting RT. Knowledge and conduct of orthodontists on dentoalveolar trauma and orthodontic movement in traumatized teeth. Clin Orthod. 2020 Aug-Sept;19(4):122-31.

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