OutKlean® – Aligner remover and cleaner

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Edition V19N03 | Year 2020 | Editorial Alinhadores Ortodonia Digital | Pages 64 to 69

Vivian de Souza LOURENÇO, Ana Carla Raphaelli NAHÁSSCOCATE, Liliana Ávila MALTAGLIATI, Murilo MATIAS, Marcos Coral SCOCATE, Mayara Paim PATEL

INTRODUCTION: The evolution in the design of the attachments and the greater number of them in mechanics, promotes more precise tooth movements and, consequently, results in better adaptation and retention of the aligner to the dental arch, which makes its removal difficult. Therefore, devices that facilitate the removal of the aligner and assist in hygiene are necessary. OBJECTIVE: This article aims to present the patent of a device for the removal and cleaning of orthodontic aligners, commercially called OutKlean® (Coraldent, São Paulo/SP, Brazil). CONCLUSION: This device will facilitate aligner removal and allow the patient to choose to clean the appliance or his/her oral cavity.

Patent. Oral hygiene. Orthodontics. Clear orthodontic aligners.

Lourenço VS, Nahás-Scocate ACR, Maltagliati LA, Matias M, ScocateMC, Patel MP. OutKlean® – Removedor de alinhadores e higienizador. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2020 Jun-Jul;19(3):64-9.

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