Digital workflow for Class III orthopedic treatment using skeletal anchorage

Admin Dental Press

Edition V19N02 | Year 2020 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 112 to 122

Taís de Morais Alves da CUNHA, Inessa da Silva BARBOSA, Carol Silva AMARAL, Bruna Lopes LEITE, Gustavo Mota MASCARENHAS, Marcos Andrade OLIVA

Class III maxillomandibular discrepancy tends to worsen with craniofacial growth and culminate in orthognathic surgery indication. Early treatment of skeletal Class III is challenging, since it often presents unfavorable prognosis, with high relapse rate. Bone anchorage enhances skeletal effects and minimizes dentoalveolar compensations. Several protocols with mini-implants and miniplates are available in literature in order to allow higher effectiveness, predictability and aesthetics to treatment. Digital technology may contribute to greater orthodontic appliances accuracy, facilitating the execution of clini- cal steps and promoting greater patient comfort. Thus, this article proposal is to review recent literature and demonstrate the digital workflow for skeletal Class III orthopedic treatment with mini-implants anchorage.

Orthopedics. Angle Class III malocclusion. Dental impression materials.

Cunha TMA, Barbosa IS, Amaral CS, Leite BL, Mascarenhas GM, Oliva MA. Fluxo de trabalho digital no tratamento ortopédico de Classe III com ancoragem esquelética. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2020 Abr-Maio;19(2):112-22.

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