Dental agenesis treatment and its relation with canine impaction and Angle Class III malocclusion

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Edition V18N06 | Year 2019 | Editorial Clinical case | Pages 89 to 100

José Augusto Mendes Miguel, Isabella Simões Holz, Diego Junior Da Silva Santos

Introduction: patients with permanent teeth agenesis have a significantly increased prevalence of canine ectopic eruption (CEE), which may be associated with Class III malocclusion. Objective: The present article aims to present, by means of a clinical case, the treatment of a female patient, in active growth period, that presented congenital absence of the mandibular lateral incisors, impaction of the maxillary left canine, associated with Class III occlusal relationship. Methods: Treatment included rapid maxillary expansion, followed by fixed appliance, for reopening the space in the canine area and, finally, traction of the impacted canine. Results: After 43 months of treatment, tooth #23 successfully achieved its position. In addition, teeth #32 and #42 were replaced by teeth #33 and #43, and the Class III malocclusion was maintained, due to the mesialization of the entire posterior segment. Conclusion: whenever possible, dental anomalies should be diagnosed early, because they act as risk indicators for dental eruption disturbances. In addition, a consistent treatment plan associated with timely preventive approaches for the simplification of orthodontic treatment should be adopted.

Malocclusion, Angle Class III, Tooth eruption, ectopic, Anodontia, Growth,

Miguel JAM, Holz IS, Santos DJS. O tratamento da agenesia dentária e sua correlação com a impacção de caninos e a má oclusão de Classe III. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Dez-2020 Jan;18(6):89-100.

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