Mesiodens and maxillary central incisors impaction: multidisciplinary approach to reestablish esthetics and function

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Edition V18N06 | Year 2019 | Editorial Clinical case | Pages 79 to 88

Patrícia Maria Monteiro, Paôla Caroline Silva Mira, Maya Fernanda Manfrin Arnez, Francisco Wanderley Garcia Paula Silva, Maria Bernadete Sasso Stuani1

Introduction: Supernumerary teeth can be found in any area of the dental arches, being the midline of the maxilla their most frequent location. Retention of permanent anterior teeth can generate esthetic, functional and psychosocial repercussions, including delayed eruption or impaction of permanent teeth, ectopic eruptions, root resorption and formation of cysts. One of the main therapeutic approaches to this problem is surgical orthodontic traction. Description: This paper proposes a clinical approach based on surgical orthodontic traction for a case of permanent maxillary central incisors impacted due to the presence of supernumerary teeth. Conclusions: This technique of surgical traction is used by the majority of orthodontists, because it presents better esthetic and anatomical-functional results at periodontal level at the end of the traction.

Impacted tooth, Supernumerary tooth, Orthodontics,

Monteiro PM, Mira PCS, Arnez MFM, Silva FWGP, Stuani MBS. Mesiodens e impacção de incisivos centrais superiores: abordagem multidisciplinar para restabelecimento da estética e função. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Dez-2020 Jan;18(6):79-88.

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