Orthodontic retreatment of adult patients with Class II malocclusion associated with mini-plate skeletal anchorage

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Edition V18N05 | Year 2019 | Editorial Clinical case | Pages 131 to 143

Raniere Luiz Dos Santos Sousa, Ertty Silva, Fernanda Meloti, Mauricio De Almeida Cardoso

It is a consensus in the literature that the presence of adult patients in orthodontic offices represents a considerable demand. Many of these have undergone orthodontic treatmentin adolescence or youth, and require a multidisciplinary approach due to the intercurrences on the teeth or supportive tissues, which are very common during life, or simply because the previous treatment did not reach the desired therapeutic goals. In this scenario, Class II also presents itself as one of the most prevalent malocclusions and its treatment already has some protocols validated in the literature. The objective of this article was to present a clinical case of orthodontic retreatment in which the patient presented a Class II canine and molar relationship on the left side, upper and lower midline deviation, generalized gingival recessions and abfraction lesions. The complementary diagnosis was made with the aid of cone beam computed tomography and orthodontic treatment, with skeletal anchorage on four miniplates. Aesthetic restorations were made shortly after removal of the appliances, and the patient was referred for cervical coating periodontal surgery. It is concluded through this article that the relationship between orthodontics and periodontics should go beyond the plaque control, corrections of crowd- ing and induced dental movements, that cone beam computed tomography is an excellent tool assisting in the diagnosis and that the mini plates allow orthodontic movements with wider forces range in almost the entire jaw and jaw extension.

Malocclusion, Angle Class II, Adult, Retreatment, Tomograph,

Sousa RLS, Silva E, Meloti F, Cardoso MA. Retratamento ortodôntico de paciente adulto com má oclusão de Classe II associado à ancoragem esquelética com miniplacas. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Out-Nov;18(5):131-43.

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