Sleep bruxism in children: clinical approach and case reports

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Edition V18N05 | Year 2019 | Editorial Clinical case | Pages 120 to 130

Vanessa Carla Marafon, Joyce Duarte, Juliana Feltrin De Souza Caparroz e Fabian Calixto Fraiz.

Introduction: Bruxism is a repetitive masticatory muscle activity, characterized by teeth clenching or grinding and holding or thrusting the jaw, which may occur during sleep (SB, sleep bruxism) or during wakefulness (awake bruxism). SB is a caregivers’ cause of concern, because in addition to the possibility of consequences such as tooth wear, muscle aches and headaches, it may be associated with respiratory diseases and sleep disorders. The event is classified as possible sleep bruxism (PSB) when the diagnosis is based only on report, criterion widely used in children due to easiness and low cost. There are numerous forms of therapeutic approaches; among them is the use of the rigid occlusal splint. Methods: This article presents a clinical protocol, from anamnesis to the use of rigid occlusal splints, with the report of two clinical cases of children with PSB. Conclusion: Rigid occlusal splint is a good therapeutic option for children with sleep bruxism. However, since bruxism has a central origin, a multi professional intervention is often necessary for a better symptomatology control.

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Marafon VC, Duarte J, Caparroz JFS, Fraiz FC. Bruxismo do sono em crianças: abordagem clínica e relato de casos. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Out-Nov;18(5):120-30.

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