Rapid maxillary expansion in adults using miniscrews (MARPE). Part I – General aspects

Admin Dental Press

Edition V18N05 | Year 2019 | Editorial Clinical case | Pages 110 to 117

Alexandre Magno Dos Santos, Ana Beatriz Maia Esper, Andréa Damasceno Rocha, Carolina De Cássia Carvalho Lima, Maria Eni Batista e Isabella Simões Holz.

There is a consensus in the literature about the importance of orthodontic intervention in cases of maxillary atresia, since this condition is not self-corrected. The therapy usually involves the use of expanders to increase the transverse dimensions of the maxillary arch and, consequently, its perimeter. However, bone maturity with advancing age represents a limitation to the success of rapid maxillary expansion without surgical intervention. The present article aims to describe, by means of a clinical case, the protocol of rapid maxillary expansion (RME) in adults using miniscrew- assisted rapid palatal expander (MARPE), associated with perforation in the medial palatine suture region, in a 26-years-old female patient, with bilateral posterior crossbite and atresic maxilla.

Adult, Maxilla, Palatal expansion technique, Bone screws,

Santos AM, Esper ABM, Rocha AD, Lima CCC, Batista ME, Holz IS. Expansão rápida da maxila assistida com mini-implantes (MARPE) em adultos. Parte I – aspectos gerais. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Out-Nov;18(5):110-7.

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