Conceptual maps of USP’s cephalometric measurements. Part 2: Dental arches, apical bases, mandibular incisor’s morphodifferential behavior in relation to apical bases and soft profile pattern

Admin Dental Press

Edition V18N04 | Year 2019 | Editorial Clinical case | Pages 92 to 107

Rodrigo Castellazzi Sella, Wagner José Silva Ursi, Karina Fancio Sella

The second part of this paper aims to present the conceptual maps of measures relating to dental arches, apical bases, morphodifferential behavior of the mandibular incisor in relation to maxilla and mandible, as well as measurements that generate information about soft tissue profile. Based on USP – Bauru’s cephalometry book, we clarified how sela turcica’s (turkish saddle’s) anatomical variations and frontonasal suture’s anatomical variations can alter the numerical value of the measurements related to dental arches and apical bases, and could lead to a misdiagnoses of incisors’ inclination and positioning in their respective bone bases, as well as the possibility of anatomical variations in the frontonasal suture alter the numerical value of Line I and H.NB angle, which may lead to wrong conclusions.

X-ray film, Cephalometry, Anatomic variation,

Como citar: Sella RC, Ursi WJS, Sella KF. Mapas conceituais das medidas cefalométricas Padrão USP. Parte 2: arcadas dentárias, bases apicais, comportamento morfodiferencial do incisivo inferior em relação às bases apicais e padrão do perfil mole. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Ago-Set;18(4):92-107. DOI:

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