Conceptual maps of USP’s cephalometric measurements – Part I: Skeletal profile, apical bases’ relation and cephalic skeletal pattern

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Edition V18N03 | Year 2019 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 118 to 145

Rodrigo Castellazzi Sella, Wagner José Silva Ursi, Karina Fancio Sella

Radiographic cephalometry is an auxiliary element of diagnosis, necessary for orthopedic and/or orthodontic planning. The University of São Paulo’s (USP) cephalometric analysis combined angular and linear measurements from authors such as William B. Downs, Richard A. Riedel, Cecil C. Steiner, Reed A. Holdaway and Sebastião Interlandi with the goal of providing clinical information concerning skeletal profile and apical bases relationship, cephalic skeletal pattern, dental arch and apical bases, and finally, lower incisors morfodiferential behavior in relation to apical bases and soft profile pattern. This article, segmented into two parts and based on the USP – Bauru’s cephalometry book aims to present conceptual maps of certain cephalometric measures in order to facilitate the interpretation of such measures and discuss how sela turcicas (Turkish saddles) anatomical variations and frontonasal sutures anatomical variations may influence the numeric value, inducing a misdiagnose when based solely on numbers dictated by cephalometry. Part I presents the conceptual maps of the measurements involving the skeletal profile, apical bases relationship and cephalic skeletal pattern, and the influence of sela turcicas anatomical variations and frontonasal sutures anatomical variations on the values of these measurements.

Cephalometry, Anatomic variation, Radiography,

Sella RC, Ursi WJS, Sella KF. Mapas conceituais das medidas cefalométricas Padrão USP. Parte 1: perfil esquelético, relação das bases apicais e padrão do esqueleto cefálico. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Jun-Jul;18(3):118-45. DOI:

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