Compensatory treatment of Pattern II mandibular deficiency malocclusions: case report

Admin Dental Press

Edition V18N02 | Year 2019 | Editorial Clinical case | Pages 94 to 108

Vicente Dias Piccoli, Fabio Pinto Guedes, Fernando Kleinübing Rhoden, Maurício de Almeida Cardoso, Leopoldino Capelozza Filho

This article describes, through a case report, a treatment with corrective intention of a Pattern II mandibular deficiency, associated with a Class II division 1 occlusal relationship, in a young patient, through orthopedic mandibular advancement with the Herbst appliance, followed by fixed orthodontics finalization. The treatment, performed in two subsequent steps, provided the patient appropriate aesthetics and function in a relatively short time, reinforcing the importance of a careful diagnosis to define individualized therapeutic goals.

Malocclusion, Retrognathia, Mandibular advancement,

Piccoli VD, Guedes FP, Rhoden FK, Cardoso MA, Capelozza Filho L. Tratamento compensatório das más oclusões do Padrão II deficiência mandibular: relato de caso. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2019 Abr-Maio;18(2):94-108. DOI:

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