Presurgical orthodontics for segmented surgery and maxillary advancement in a skeletal Class III patient

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N04 | Year 2018 | Editorial BBO Clinical Case | Pages 108 to 118

Fernando Penteado Lopes da Silva

The skeletal Class III malocclusion by maxillary deficiency might be successfully treated by rapid expansion and protraction of the maxilla if diagnosed in early craniofacial growth stages. On the other hand, adults with such dentofacial deformities may undergo orthodontic-surgical treatment in order to correct the malocclusion in both dental and facial aspects. The segmented maxillary surgery is specially indicated for patients with deficient maxilla in both axial and sagittal planes. The present case report was presented to the Brazilian Board of Orthodontics (BBO) in IGC>20 category as a prerequisite to become a BBO diplomate.

Dentofacial deformity, Class III malocclusion, Orthodontic- surgical treatment,

Silva FPL. Preparo ortodôntico para cirurgia segmentada e avanço maxilar em paciente com má oclusão esquelética de Classe IIIl. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2018 Ago-Set;17(4):108-18. DOI:

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