Biomechanics with miniplates

Admin Dental Press

Edition V17N03 | Year 2018 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 17 to 34

Ertty Silva, Fernanda Meloti, Sérgio Pinho, Mauricio de Almeida Cardoso, Alberto Consolaro

Miniplate orthodontic mechanics has existed since 1985 and it has been perfected over the years. When well indicated, it provides control of the occlusal planes, allows the distalization of lower teeth and obtains an adequate condylar position at the end of the treatment. Transversal, vertical and anteroposterior movements can be performed simultaneously, allowing the elimination of any occlusal interference. The results obtained are predictable and with fewer undesirable side effects, reducing treatment time, decreasing the percentage of dental extractions and minimizing the complexity of orthognathic surgeries. Thus, the aim of the present article is to exemplify this individualized orthodontic mechanics with the aid of miniplates, designed to provide not only the dental balance, but also muscular, bone and articular (TMJ) balance, aiming at stability of the results obtained after treatment.

Malocclusion, Miniplates, Tooth movement techniques, Bone remodeling, Tomography,

Como citar: Silva E, Meloti F, Pinho S, Cardoso MA, Consolaro A. Biomecânica com miniplacas Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2018 Jun-Jul;17(3):17-34. DOI:

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