MPA/FLF in the treatment of Class II in adult patient: 8-years follow-up

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Edition V17N02 | Year 2018 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 58 to 71

Anderson Capistrano, Juan Érico Xerez, Stenyo Tavares, Daniela Borba, Renata Rodrigues de Almeida Pedrin

The treatment of Pattern II, Class II malocclusion represents a daily clinical challenge, due to its high prevalence. However, many of the methods used for its treatment have a fairly restricted application in adult patients with dental mutilations. This article aims at demonstrating, by means of a case with 8-years post-treatment follow-up, the effectiveness of an individualized approach interacting with brackets selection and the use of a rigid mandibular protractor (MPA/FLF). The correction was performed in a female adult patient, 27 years and 5 months old, Pattern II, Class II, with increased overjet and overbite, labially tipped lower incisors and losses of the following dental elements: 16, 15, 35, 45 and 46. At the end of treatment, the patient presented with Class I occlusion, corrected overbite and overjet at the expense of a mild retro-inclination of upper incisors and increased labial inclination of lower incisors, an expected compensatory result for the anterior region of dental arches. The association of individualized brackets, which respects natural compensation of teeth inherent to morphologic pattern of face and, clearly, influenced by sagittal relationship between the arches, showed great effectiveness in producing the aimed results and, in long term, presented an excellent stability potential.

Malocclusion, Angle Class II, Orthodontic brackets, Orthodontic appliances, functional,

Capistrano A, Xerez JE, Tavares S, Borba D, Pedrin RRA. APM/FLF no tratamento da Classe II em adulto: 8 anos de acompanhamento. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2018 Abr-Maio;17(2):58-71. DOI:

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