Molar uprighting using mini-implants: biomechanical possibilities

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N04 | Year 2017 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 41 to 51

Luiz Henrique Previdente, Edson Yoshihiro Mada, Eduardo Mori de Oliveira, Celso Garcia Rodriguez, Hideo Suzuki

The absence of first molars for a long period, caused by early loss leads to mesial angulation of second molars. Therefore, the uprighting is required for oral rehabilitation. Another existing etiological factor is the lack of space in the posterior region, which leads to impaction of the second molar, requiring its uprighting. Tooth-supported anchoring devices for uprighting promote side effects. But the use of orthodontic mini-implants makes uprighting simpler, predictable and with fewer side effects. This work aims at demonstrating, by means of case reports and illustrations, the biomechanical possibilities to perform molar uprighting with the aid of mini-implants.

Molar uprighting, Orthodontic mini-implants, Skeletal anchorage,

Previdente LH, Mada EY, Oliveira EM, Rodriguez CG, Suzuki H. Verticalização de molares com auxílio de mini-implantes: possibilidades biomecânicas. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2017 Ago-Set;16(4):41-51.

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