Surgery-first approach, with corticotomy and skeletal anchorage to treat skeletal Class III with facial asymmetry

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N03 | Year 2017 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 54 to 69

Ana Cristina Soares Santos Haddad, Renata Ferraz Fornazari, Sérgio Luis de Miranda, Silvia Augusta Braga Reis

Objective: To describe a multidisciplinary approach to skeletal Class III malocclusion including orthodontics, corticotomy, orthognathic surgery and skeletal anchorage. Case report: A young adult with skeletal Class III underwent orthognathic surgery after 5 months of pre-surgical orthodontics. At this stage, the lower incisors were decompensated, but the upper posterior teeth on the left side were expanded and presented excessive buccal tipping, creating a “Brodie” crossbite after surgery. Thus, during orthognathic surgery miniscrews were installed for anchoring the contraction and palatal tipping of the premolars and molars on the left side. Corticotomy was also performed in the left posterior buccal region to accelerate tooth movement. With this approach, the occlusion was corrected six weeks after orthognathic surgery. Conclusion: This multidisciplinary treatment was effective in treating skeletal Class III. The main advantage of combining these techniques was the reduced treatment time.

Orthodontics, corrective, Orthognathic Surgery, Prognathism,

Haddad ACSS, Fornazari RF, Miranda SL, Reis SAB. Tratamento do Padrão III com assimetria facial por meio de cirurgia ortognática com benefício antecipado, corticotomia e ancoragem esquelética. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2017 Jun-Jul;16(3):54-69. DOI:

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