Lingual Orthodontics: changing aesthetic Orthodontics paradigms

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N03 | Year 2017 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 45 to 51

Luiz Fernando Eto, Carla Maria Melleiro Gimenez

The lingual technique is an aesthetic and effective treatment option for the malocclusions correction, allowing description during the treatment because the brackets are positioned behind the teeth. The advantages go beyond aesthetics, favoring biomechanics and consequently reducing treatment time. The laboratory preparation prior to indirect bonding is important to ensure the accuracy, and the use of light forces with high performance wires, as well as the indication of mini-implants for anchorage. Currently CAD/CAM technologies allow the individualization of cases, with customized appliances. The present work proposes to discuss the technical possibilities for lingual orthodontics, illustrating with clinical cases.

Lingual Orthodontics, Aesthetic Orthodontics, Biomechanics,

Eto LF, Gimenez CMM. Ortodontia Lingual: modificando paradigmas da Ortodontia estética. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2017 Jun-Jul;16(3):45-51. DOI:

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