Tooth agenesis space closure with orthodontic miniscrew anchorage

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N01 | Year 2017 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 90 to 100

Karine Laskos Sakoda, Alexandre Silveira Arrabal, Maria Fernanda Antonio da Silva, Claudia Cristina da Silva, Fabrício Pinelli Valarelli,

Introduction: Tooth agenesis represents a major challenge for the orthodontist regarding treatment plan and orthodontic mechanics. In general, the treatment possibilities are maintenance/opening of spaces for future rehabilitation with implants and prosthesis or space closure in agenesis areas. Several factors need to be considered during treatment plan. Treatment plan shall provide good aesthetic and functional results, without major consequences for teeth and adjacent structures. Objective: This case report presents the orthodontic treatment of a young patient with Class I malocclusion and agenesis of the maxillary right lateral incisor and mandibular second premolars, treated with space closure with miniscrews anchorage and aesthetic teeth recontouring. It also illustrates a side effect resulting from mesial movement of posterior teeth. Results: Interdisciplinary treatment for agenesis of upper lateral incisor and lower first premolars enabled the achievement of great aesthetics and functional results. Conclusion: The use of mini-implants was essential to allow mesial movement of the posterior teeth without prejudice to the patient profile. However, side effects resulting from the mechanics must be controlled.

Anodontia, Orthodontic space closure, Bone screws,

Sakoda KL, Arrabal AS, Silva MFA, Silva CC, Valarelli FP. Fechamento dos espaços de agenesias dentárias com a utilização de mini-implantes ortodônticos. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2017 Fev-Mar;16(1):90-100. DOI:

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