Miniscrews and Sliding Jigs: how to fabricate and to adapt to achieve patient’s comfort

Admin Dental Press

Edition V16N01 | Year 2017 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 101 to 108

José Eymard Bicalho, Gabriela Meyge de Brito, Dauro Douglas Oliveira

Miniscrews (MS) have become an important tool in Orthodontics, since they basically eliminates the need for patient´s cooperation during orthodontic treatment. Several options for it´s use for sagittal discrepancies correction are available, and an important one is the association of MS with sliding jigs (SJ). When MS and SJ are used together patient´s comfort is an issue, and is often a clinical challenge. This paper aims to present how to make and adjust a SJ to be used with MS, step by step. This technique aims to describe the necessary adjustments to provide maximum comfort and convenience for the patient while performing sagittal dental movements.

Orthodontic anchorage procedures, Tooth movement, Malocclusion, Angle Class II,

Bicalho JE, Brito GM, Oliveira DD. Descrição da construção do Sliding Jig para uso associado a mini-implantes: adaptação visando o conforto do paciente. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2017 Fev-Mar;16(1):101-8. DOI:

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