Rapid maxillary expansion in a young adult patient with upper anterior crowding associated to bilateral posterior crossbite: case report

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Edition V15N05 | Year 2016 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 95 to 95

Karoline Pinho dos Santos, Luciana Artioli Costa, Marvio Martins Dias, Alex Luiz Pozzobon Pereira

Introduction: Posterior crossbite is considered to be skeletal when associated to maxillary atresia. In these cases, rapid maxillary expansion (RME) is the treatment of choice. However, this treatment plan is used only in growing patients, and the prognosis is unfavorable in patients with advancing age. In women, the menarche should also be taken into account. Objective: The objective of this paper is, bu means of a clinical case report, present a treatment plan for posterior crossbite and crowding related to maxillary atresia in a 14-year-old female patient with doubtful prognosis for RME due to the time of menarche onset. Case report: A modified Haas appliance was installed with 2/4 activation in the morning and 2/4 activation in the afternoon. After the retention period, fixed appliances for alignment and leveling of the teeth were installed. The 7 years control showed stability of aesthetics and occlusion achieved.

Malocclusion, Angle Class I, Palatal expansion technique, Orthodontics, corrective,

Como citar este artigo: Santos KP, Costa LA, Dias MM, Pereira ALP. Expansão rápida da maxila em paciente adulto jovem com apinhamento anterossuperior associado à mordida cruzada posterior bilateral: relato de caso clínico. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2016 Out-Nov;15(5):95-104. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14436/1676-6849.15.5.095-104.art

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