Anterior open bite treatment using Invisalign® system

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N05 | Year 2016 | Editorial BBO Clinical Case | Pages 105 to 117

Vitória de Oliveira Chami, Jonas Capelli Junior

Abstract: The present case report describes the orthodontic treatment of a Class I malocclusion with anterior open bite and dental biprotrusion in a 16-years-old female patient. The treatment was performed by means of the transparent aligners of Invisalign® system, consisting of 14 plates and interproximal reduction of superiors teeth, taking into account the patient’s Bolton discrepancy. The case was concluded in seven months.

Malocclusion, Angle Class I, Open bite, Occlusal splints,

Como citar este artigo: Chami VO. Capelli Junior J.Tratamento da mordida aberta anterior com o sistema Invisalign®. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2016 Out-Nov;15(5):105-17. DOI:

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