Treatment of facial asymmetry caused by condylar hyperplasia: case series

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N03 | Year 2016 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 61 to 78

Raquel Bueno Medeiros, Henrique Martins da Silveira, Fábio Ramoa Pires e José Augusto Miguel Mendes

Introduction: Mandibular condylar hyperplasia (CH) is described as the overgrowth of one condyle over its contralateral, causing an imbalanced growth, which results in facial asymmetry. The classification and diagnose of CH, the condyles’ growth activity, and treatment alternatives are presented in this study. Material and Methods: description of treatment alternatives for three patients diagnosed with CH are presented. Surgical solutions were represented by condilectomy, orthognathic surgery , and a combination of both. Results: after performing the indicated surgical procedure, there was a significant improvement in facial symmetry, and masticatory function. Conclusions: CH diagnosis is mainly based on clinical and radiological data, which evaluate the consequences of a disproportionate growth. Bone scintigraphy works as an indicator of the rapidity of the disease progress, being essential to determine therapeutic approach.

Mandibular condyle, Hyperplasia, Facial asymmetry,

Medeiros RB, Silveira HM, Pires FR, Mendes JAM. Tratamento da assimetria facial causada por hiperplasia condilar: série de casos. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2016 Jun-Jul;15(3):61-78. DOI:

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