New approach for activation of invisible aligners: D’Franco crimping pliers

Admin Dental Press

Edition V15N02 | Year 2016 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 45 to 59

Eduardo Jacomino Franco e Giovanni Modesto Vieira

Invisible aligners are an alternative to correct minor malocclusions and post-treatment orthodontic relapses. The evolution of different methods of activation is important to provide patients with greater comfort during the process of orthodontic movement. Due to difficulty faced when quantifying the force applied to the dental elements to be moved, a new proposal for activation has been made. It is controlled with crimping pliers with a view to promoting dental movement that meets physiological parameters, without hyalinization or resorption. A clinical case will report this proposal carried out for minor tooth movement. Using D’ Franco pliers decreased the occurrence of painful symptoms and increased the effectiveness of invisible aligners.

Tooth movement, Removable orthodontic appliance, Malocclusion, Orthodontic movement,

Franco EJ, Vieira GM. Nova concepção de ativação para alinhadores ortodônticos transparentes: alicates de pressão D’Franco. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2016 Abr-Maio;15(2):45-59. DOI:

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