On the dental needs of young orthodontic patients (12-20 years old).

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Edition V14N06 | Year 2015 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 93 to 108

Leopoldino Capelozza Filho, Alberto Consolaro, Daniele Nóbrega Nardoni, Paulo Henrique Xavier Franco, José Antonio Zuega Cappellozza e Maurício Cardoso

Objective: To survey the dental needs and the prevalence of dental anomalies in adolescents and young adults consecutively admitted for orthodontic treatment. Method: A sample comprising 100 consecutive patients, aged between 12 to 20 years old, subject to orthodontic treatment, was collected in a single orthodontic private dental office. The ratio between males and females was 1:1. Initial records were assessed and included panoramic and periapical radiographs. Results: Caries were found in 0.28% of the sample, while restorative material was found in 3.5% of the teeth assessed. There was no evidence of endodontic treatment. A total of 11 teeth had been extracted, with only one being extracted due to caries and all the others for previous orthodontic treatment purposes. Taking the need for treatment into account, during and after orthodontic treatment, the number of extractions was found to be significant (246) and strongly determined by anomalies in the position of third molars (236). Dental anomalies (dysgenesis) counteracted the tendency of the sample towards a low prevalence of dental needs, with a high percentage of 42%. Dental anomalies pattern (DAP) was found in 20% of patients, agreeing with previous studies investigating orthodontic patients. Conclusion: The new spectrum on the dental needs of young patients seeking orthodontic treatment in a private dental office reveals the evolution in social and quality aspects of prevention in Dentistry.

Orthodontics, Dental anomalies, Epidemiology, Dental caries, Evidence-based Dentistry,

Capelozza Filho L, Consolaro A, Nardoni DN, Franco PHX, Capelozza JAZ, Cardoso M. Necessidades odontológicas em pacientes ortodônticos jovens (12-20 anos). © Dental Press Publishing | Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2015 dez-jan 2016; 14(6):93-108.

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