Change is the only constant (Heraclitus)

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Edition V14N06 | Year 2015 | Editorial Editorial | Pages 6 to 7

Carlos Alexandre Câmara

For thousands of years, humanity believed that all swans were white. One day, someone discovered Australia and found out there were black swans in the New World. The result was: the valid theory that swans were only found in white color went down the drain. This episode is the motto that originates the book “The Black Swan” written by philosopher and specialist in risks Nassim Nicholas Taleb.1 According to the author, unpredictable and impactful events of extraordinary nature are the basis of everything relevant happening in the world, from the rise of religions to our personal lives. In other words, everything important happening in our lives and in the universe is unpredictable and, in a way, inexplicable. According to this theory, we cannot control destiny, but are hostages of chance. The internet and September 11th prove that. Nobody ever predicted them!

Câmara CA. Editorial: A mudança é a nossa única certeza. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2015 dez-jan 2016; 14(6):6-7.

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