Elastomeric chain to prevent the side effect of mandibular premolar rotation as a result of open spring use

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Edition V14N06 | Year 2015 | Editorial Dicas do Marden | Pages 18 to 19

Marden Bastos

Cases of mandibular first molar loss are common and their treatment often requires space gain for implant placement. In order to prevent the side effect of second premolar mesial rotation, we make a loop with an elastomeric chain in the archwire on the mesial surface of the canine. We then make the elastomeric chain go under the contact and place lingual pads on the lingual surface of the canine, first premolar and second premolar (whenever present), with the aid of a needle holder (Figs 1A to 1I). The advantage of this mechanics is that elastomeric chain forces are neutralized on the arch without side effects. The example reported herein shows a case of space gain for a mandibular left second premolar.

Bastos M. Dicas do Marden: elástico em cadeia para evitar efeito colateral de rotação do pré-molar inferior pelo uso de mola aberta. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2015 dez-jan 2016; 14(6):18-9.

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