Workflow description for therapy with orthodontic aligners in mixed dentition. Case report

Admin Dental Press

Edition V14N05 | Year 2015 | Editorial Article | Pages 56 to 62

Alael Barreiro Fernandes de Paiva Lino

This study aims at presenting a complete workflow proposition for obtaining virtual orthodontic models, planning and virtual orthodontic setup, 3D printing, aligners preparation and use in routine orthodontic practice. For the study and determination of methods, a patient with anterior crossbite in mixed dentition was selected and subject to molding of dental casts. The latter were scanned by XCAD scanner. The .STL files were imported by Maestro 3D software in which the orthodontic setup was designed. Subsequently, STL files were exported and printed by Cube 3D printer. The prototypes served as models for manufacturing of orthodontic aligners which were installed in according to patient’s clinical evolution. Within 16 weeks of therapy with orthodontic aligners, patient’s malocclusion was corrected. Therapy with orthodontic aligners in mixed dentition is a feasible therapeutic possibility, combining patient’s comfort, clinical effectiveness and predictability of orthodontic movements according to the virtual planning.

Orthodontics, Orthodontic appliance design, Removable orthodontic appliances,

Lino ABFP. Descrição do fluxo de trabalho para terapia com alinhadores ortodônticos na dentição mista: relato de caso clínico. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2015 out-nov;14(5):56-62.

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