Aesthetic and functional effects of open bite treatment in adult patient without orthognatic surgery: a case report

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Edition V14N05 | Year 2015 | Editorial Article | Pages 45 to 54

Klaus Barretto dos Santos Lopes Batista, José Augusto Mendes Miguel, Solange Mongelli de Fantini

Open bite treatment in adult patients is a major challenge to the orthodontist, requiring, most of the times, orthognatic surgery to solve aesthetic and functional problems. / Methods / The present study reports diagnosis and treatment planning of a complex open bite case, which had been referred for orthognatic surgery. Initial and final photographs and radiographs were taken to evaluate changes occurring during treatment. A dental articulator was used to mount a setup to evaluate whether treatment could be carried out without a surgical approach. Condylar position indicators (CPI) were used to evaluate the changes occurring in the condyle. / Results / At the end of treatment, open bite was closed, thereby improving facial aesthetics and function. This could be related to intrusion of posterior maxillary teeth, with a consequent decrease in the lower facial third. Setup allowed orthodontic treatment to be performed without orthognatic surgery. CPI showed improvements in condylar position. / Conclusion / Open bite treatment of this patient improved facial aesthetics and occlusal function. In addition, setup and dental articulators proved useful in open bite diagnosis and treatment planning, which allowed the case to be orthodontically treated only. The condyles improved their position in the articular fossa, which could be responsible for the decrease in pain of patient’s temporomandibular joint.

Open bite, Dental articulators, Corrective Orthodontics, Orthodontic anchorage procedures,

Batista KBSL, Miguel JAM, Fantini SM. Efeitos estéticos e funcionais do tratamento da mordida aberta em paciente adulto sem cirurgia ortognática: relato de caso. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2015 out-nov;14(5):45-54.

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