Simplified molar uprighting (SMU): an application of biomechanical concepts in cases of second molar eruption disturbances.

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Edition V14N03 | Year 2015 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 42 to 54

Ary dos Santos-Pinto

Presence of misaligned second molars due to ectopic eruption should be considered and included in treatment planning. Similarly, during orthodontic treatment, second molars that erupt out of their normal position in the arch should be included in orthodontic mechanics. Technical difficulties, represented not only by the presence of gingival tissue that partially covers dental crown of second molars, but also by their partial eruption, hamper the use of tubes welded to orthodontic bands or tubes bonded to the buccal surface of these teeth. Simplified molar uprighting (SMU) is a simple and easy-to-implement procedure, recommended for correcting second molars that erupted ectopically. It consists in applying horizontal forces to correct the position of second molars in the dental arch and of vertical forces with an intrusion component to prevent extrusion or even occlusal interferences, particularly in cases with crossbite of this tooth. In this method, forces are generated by elastic chains placed in a button bonded to the buccal or lingual surface of second molars and a cantilever installed in the auxiliary tube or lingual tube of first molars. The use of these bonded buttons require less area of exposed enamel and does not involve precise positioning as it does for a tube, thereby providing support necessary to correct ectopic tooth position.

Molar uprighting, Eruption disturbance, Biomechanics,

Santos-Pinto A. Verticalização simplificada de molares (VSM): uma aplicação dos conceitos biomecânicos em casos com distúrbios de erupção dos segundos molares. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2015 jun-jul;14(3):42-54.

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