Digital models in orthodontics: New perspectives, manufacture methods, precision and reliability

Admin Dental Press

Edition V14N02 | Year 2015 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 76 to 84

Leonardo Tavares Camardella, Oswaldo de Vasconcellos Vilella

Introduction / The introduction of digital dental models, besides providing several advantages to the clinician, allowed the development of new resources such as the manufacturing of thermoplastic aligners, brackets customization, and the aid in digital planning for orthognathic surgery. / Objectives / This work aims, by means of a literature review, at presenting the several available methods for acquiring digital models, and to discuss its accuracy and reliability.

Orthodontics, Dental models, Analog-digital conversion,

Camardella LT, Vilella OV. Modelos digitais em Ortodontia: novas perspectivas, métodos de confecção, precisão e confiabilidade. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2015 abr-maio;14(2):76-84.

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