Assessment of the effects of lingual brackets vertical position in patients with overbite, following Bacci Bonding System (BBS) laboratory principles

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Edition V14N02 | Year 2015 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 42 to 57

Henrique Bacci, Betina Grehs, Stefan Cardon, Alvaro Antonio Arteche, Alessandro Bellato

Introduction / Lingual braces are often used to correct malocclusions in patients presenting with aesthetics impairment. Treatment with lingual appliances has become more convenient for dentists due to the introduction of self-ligating brackets and simplified laboratory phase. This article will report the treatment of three clinical cases of patients with overbite, treated with In-Ovation LTM brackets following precepts of Bacci Bonding System (BBS). / Objectives / This study aimed at investigating the influence of lingual brackets vertical position in orthodontic therapy and its effects in defining the final overbite for each patient, as well as its relation to the systematic positioning of accessories adopted by this bonding technique. / Results and Conclusions / Clinical cases presented in this study achieved a balanced occlusion and overbite control, demonstrating the effectiveness of this new method for lingual brackets bonding.

Corrective orthodontics, Dental esthetics, Overbite,

Bacci H, Porto BG, Cardon S, Arteche AA, Bellato A. Análise dos efeitos da posição vertical dos braquetes linguais em pacientes com sobremordida, seguindo os princípios laboratoriais BBS (Bacci Bonding System). Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2015 abr-maio;14(2):42-57.

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