The beneit of using self-ligating brackets in cases of narr ow mandible and anterior open bite .

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Edition V14N01 | Year 2015 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 40 to 56

Sérgio Jakob, Javier Frenck

Introduction / Among the most recent tech – nological advances in terms of orthodontic products release, self-ligating brackets have increasingly attracted orthodontists’ attention. Several advantages have been associated with this new ligation system, as reported by many studies. / Objective / This article aims to assess the clinical results of using self-ligating brackets in patients that initially showed narrow mandible and anterior open bite. In the reported cases, some of the main activities of this type of brackets, such as friction decrease and better torque expression of the pre-adjusted accessories, could be observed. / Conclusion / The use of self-ligating brackets in cases of narrow mandible produced an important expansive effect, thereby decreasing the need for extractions. As for the open bite cases, expressive eficiency was also noticed as a result of quick and simple biomechanics and both friction control and torque expression provided by this type of brackets. However, proper diagnosis is considered a key to treatment success, regardless of different bracket designs.

Diagnosis, Orthodontic brackets, Open bite,

akob S, Frenck J. O benefício da utilização dos braquetes autoligáveis em tratamentos com atresia mandibular e com mordida aberta anterior. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2015 fev-mar;14(1):40-56.

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