Use of intermaxillary elastics and molar distalization with miniscrews in correcting Class II malocclusions using self-ligating brackets: cases report

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Edition V13N06 | Year 2014 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 41 to 58

Henrique Mascarenhas Villela, Wanderson Itaborahy, Mario Vedovello Filho, Silvia Vedovello

Angle Class II malocclusions, whether of dentoalveolar or moderate skeletal nature, may be treated with premolars extraction, extraoral anchorage, mandibular protraction, Class II elastics and intraoral distalization systems. The use of miniscrew skeletal anchorage to distalize molars inhibits undesirable side effects when compared to conventional anchorage devices. The association of this anchorage resource with passive self-ligating brackets systems reduces the amount of dentist appointments, the level of forces required and the need for patient’s compliance. / Objective / To report two clinical cases with different types of approaches regarding correction of dentoalveolar Class II: clinical case 1, treated with Class II elastics, and clinical case 2, with molars distalization using orthodontic miniscrew. Both cases were treated by means of a passive self-ligating brackets system which decreased the amount of dentist appointments while maintaining correction eficiency. / Conclusion / The choice on the type of resource to be used depends on the diagnostic as well as on dental movement requirements, mainly for the mandibular incisors. The self-ligating bracket system associated to Class II elastics and molar distalization with miniscrew proved eficient in correcting dentoalveolar Class II malocclusions.

Orthodontic miniscrew, Mini-implant, Class II malocclusion, Self-ligating brackets,

Villela HM, Itaborahy W, Vedovello Filho M, Vedovello S. Utilização de elásticos intermaxilares e distalização de molares com miniparafusos nas correções das más oclusões de Classe II com aparelhos autoligáveis: relato de casos. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2014 dez-2015 jan;13(6):41-58.

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