Self-ligating brackets: to use it or not to use it?

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Edition V13N06 | Year 2014 | Editorial Original Article | Pages 20 to 27

David Normando

The use of self-ligating brackets is increasing in clinical Orthodontics. The advantage propagated by the orthodontic industry, and some members of the orthodontic community, is the reduction of treatment time, a consequence of the lower friction observed with these bracket systems. This observation is based on in vitro assays and conirmed by several studies. However, systematic reviews obtained through the compilation and analysis of controlled clinical studies have reported that there are no advantages in using self-ligating brackets to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment, the risk of periodontal disease and root resorption, the number of fractures on orthodontic accessories bonding and patient’s discomfort during teeth alignment. The scientiically proven advantages seem to be restricted to the reduction of patient’s chair time and the use of self-ligating aesthetic brackets avoiding the pigmentation of aesthetic ligatures necessary in the conventional system. In contrast, clinical studies report increased discomfort caused by greater experience of pain during manipulation to open and close the clips of self-ligating appliances system.

Self-ligating brackets, Orthodontic treatment,

Normando D. Braquetes autoligáveis: por que sim, por que não? Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2014 dez-2015 jan;13(6):20-7.

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