Gingival smile: limitations and possibilities of orthognathic surgery

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Edition V13N04 | Year 2014 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 76 to 87

Paulo José Medeiros, Fabio Ritto

Overexposure of gingiva atsmiling gives an unpleasant appearance and requirestreatment. Although the ultimate goal of treatment isclear — remove the gingival smile — several treatmentoptions can be used to solve this conditionwhich can be caused by gingival hyperplasia, hiperactiveupper lip, or even excessive growth of themaxilla in the vertical axis. The first step to treat thiscondition is to diagnose its etiology. Depending onthe cause of the gingival smile, treatment can rangefrom a simple removal of gingiva to the performanceof a Le Fort I osteotomy to remove a few millimetersof bone with superior reposition of the upperjaw. The purpose of this article is to demonstratedifferent types of gingival smile and to discuss howorthognathic surgery may be useful in the treatmentof this pathology.

Orthognathic surgery, Gingival smile, Vertical maxillary excess,

Medeiros PJ, Ritto F. Sorriso gengival: limitações e possibilidades da Cirurgia Ortognática. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2014 ago-set;13(4):76-87.

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