Critical analysis of virtual planning in a complex case of dentofacial deformity

Admin Dental Press

Edition V13N04 | Year 2014 | Editorial Case Report | Pages 30 to 38

Cláudio Leonardo Millione Dutra, Julia Amando, Ricardo Lopes Cruz, José Augusto Mendes Miguel

Virtual planning of orthognathic surgery has become an increasingly present reality in daily practice. In order to establish guidelines and make a critical analysis of results and objectives achieved, we made a comparative study of immediate surgical outcomes versus programmed surgery in a complex case of dentofacial deformity. Virtual planning aids a number of issues, such as prevention of transoperative problems, as well as orientation of surgical outcomes towards good functional and esthetic results, thereby allowing analysis of bone interfaces and predicting the type of ixation necessary, assessing the viability of proposed movements and comparing the results with the plan, as performed in this study. However, as with any new technology, it must be adopted sparingly, since it is not a substitute for careful clinical examination and surgeon’s experience. We believe that virtual surgery planning is a technology that increases predictability and safety in every surgical procedure.

Orthog- nathic surgery, Dentofacial deformities, Orthodontics,

Dutra CLM, Amando J, Cruz RL, Miguel JAM. Análise crítica do planejamento digital em caso complexo de deformidade dentofacial. Rev Clín Ortod Dental Press. 2014 ago-set;13(4):30-8.

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